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Impatient for life to move on

Ruth and Dyanna have been in their latest accommodation for five months now. I’ve only known them for a little over a year and, in that time it’s the longest they’ve lived anywhere. They are getting on well with the older woman who has become more like a grandma to Dyanna. One day a week she helps out by bring her back from school. Read more

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At their primary school her daughters seemed no different from the other kids but they came home to someone else’s house where they all slept in one room and ate their host’s leftovers. Olatunde has still not recovered from the five years her family were undocumented.

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Sinan has no papers to prove his nationality. The authorities cannot remove him even if they wanted to. He’s in limbo, no-man’s land. But at least he’s no longer homeless and now has an income of £12 per week.

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